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Careless (Ryuji Sakamoto x Baby!Son!Reader)
Ding dong
"That better be my pizza or I swear I'm gonna kick their ass," Ryuji paused his current level of Catherine to slowly retreat from the comfort of his sofa to trudge through the mess of his lounge due to his gaming session to reach the door before the person left.
Ding dong
"Alright, I'm coming! Hold on!" Ryuji tripped on an empty pizza box and ended up face planting the floor, straight in front of the door. Using the door and the handle he managed to pull himself up and threw upon the door to reveal nothing.
"...Hello?" he called out hesitantly, hoping that no one would leap out and scare him.
"GAAH!" he screamed and leapt back before taking in his surroundings and relaxing, taking his time to observe his surroundings and not seeing anything outside his apartment or in the car park down below.
Looking at his feet he realised that there was a basket. With a baby in it, swaddled in a blanket and a letter on top it was something out of
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 2 1
Words Have Power (Jareth!Dean x Reader) Chapter 8
There's such a sad love
Deep in your eyes.

A beautiful ballroom filled with weird and wonderful things. Men, women and creatures that looked ethereal, with long silky hair and flawless skin that peeked out of the masks they wore.
A kind of pale jewel
Open and closed
Within your eyes.

"May I have this dance?"
"Oh, um, no thank you. I'm not dressed for it."
"But you are. Look at you."
So I do. My dress is big, wide and white with silver details. Soft to the touch and so light it feels as if it's not there. Beautiful but so over the top, it's almost laughable.
When I look back up, the creature from before is gone deeper into the crowd, looking at me with a heady gaze and a crooked finger, beckoning me closer, compelling me to follow him deeper into the swarm.
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes.

Stumbling through the crowd, dodging the wandering hands of the crowd that are beginning to succumb to their baser urges and still keeping an eye on the mysterious masked man
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 1 0
Clingy (Zack Fair x Reader)
"Ever noticed how he follows her everywhere?"
"Yeah, I know, it's really odd, isn't it?"
"Do you think he's in love with her?"
Y/N rolled her eyes.
 Tch, how stupid can they get?
"Yo! Y/N!"
After all, he's just an idiot from SOLDIER.
She paused in her footsteps and swivelled in place to face him, "What?"
He runs up to her, stopping short of knocking her over and bends over panting, "W-Wait..."
"What do you want? I have stuff to do, you know. Like my job."
Slowly Zack straightens up with a crooked grin, "You left me back in the dining hall."
"I know."
He blinks owlishly before asking, "Why?"
"I have to get back to work."
"Then I'll come with you!"
"No," she shuts him down and turns back and begins walking off once more.
"Why? I'm assigned to you now so I need to go wherever you go."
"Wait, what?"
He runs up beside her and grabs her arm gently to stop her, "Look I know this isn't what you want but the thing is I really-"
"I really like-"
"No. Shut up."
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 2 0
Adventure (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 20
"Hello cousin," the twins greeted me in unison as I hopped out of the carriage. "We would have prepared better if we knew the Earl Phantomhive was coming. Please follow us to the dining room for brunch."
The hallowed halls of Ashbridge manor were as hauntingly quiet as Y/N had remembered, even more so since the Ashbridge parents had died, leaving the two siblings alone. They had sacked all of their staff but remained in the family home. No one but cousins of the Ashbridges had ever set foot in the manor. Until now.
Sebastian and Ciel followed the possible murderers and Y/N deeper into the darkness of the manor. Cobwebs lined every frame and littered the bannisters of the grand staircase. The mahogany fixtures had gouges in them. The floor panels were squeaking with the steps of the group, so unused to more than two people's weight on them.
Overall the place was a mess.
When they were sat down at the obviously unused table, Y/N asked, "I wasn't aware that you still had servants, what ch
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 5 0
Baby It's Cold Outside (Jack Frost x Reader)
Y/N and Jack Frost had been cuddled up on his sofa under a blanket with the thermostat turned up high and Netflix on, his hand slowly crawling up her thigh as he placed gentle kisses on her neck. When her phone buzzed with an alarm for ten o'clock, she pushed him away.
"Jack this has been a wonderful evening but I really can't stay."
He laughed gently, "But baby, it's cold outside."
"Jack," she stood up and began to walk to the door, "I've got to get away."
"Baby, it's cold outside."
"Thank you, this evening has been nice."
He quickly followed her and grabbed one of her hands delicately and twirled her into him, "Been hoping that you'd drop in."
"So very nice," she whispered as she looked at his slow grin.
He pulled her hands up so she could see him rubbing his thumbs over her knuckles, " I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice."
"Jack I've got to go," she began to turn to pull out of his gentle grasp, "My mother will start to worry."
Jack just rolled his eyes and pulled her into a
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 10 2
Playlist Shuffle (Rick x Reader) Chapter 4
The disgruntled woman on his lap stated, "Y/N L/N, how you doing?"
"Time travel, duh."
"Time travel?"
"Yeah. I didn't figure out portals so I worked on time travel. Tell you what, it's fucking easy to make a portal but to get it right? That's like trying to land on an Asian's dick after jumping off a plane nude."
"...So I don't make portals?"
"Are you called Archibald?"
"Then no, you didn't," she stood up off of his lap and he sat there slowly processing what she had just said as she began to explore his apartment.
After what seemed like an eternity, he roared whilst pulling his hair, "FUCK!"
Y/N popped her head around the doorway which lead to the kitchen, "What?"
She snorted, "Welcome to the club," and ducked back into the kitchen.
He let his head fall into his hands and the only sounds in the apartment were Y/N's munching on something
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 5 2
Steps (Tahno x Reader)
I met her on the train you know?
All wide-eyed and hair in a shock she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was graceful, fluid and practically the personification of water.
She fell over me as the doors opened and we sprawled onto the platform, her straddling my hips. I learnt she was called Y/N L/N and she worked as the Fire Lord. Sure the job sounds boring but when the woman involved looked like that...
Well, who was I to not ask her out?
After our first date, I thought she would never speak to me again...
"So that went awfully, didn't it?"
It had.
They had arrived at the restaurant and she looked amazing. The candlelit table was situated in a private area, courtesy of the Fire Lord. The menus had a mix of water tribe food and fire nation cuisine so they would both be happy without insulting the other person's culture or being uncomfortable. All was going well.
Until a group of crazy earth benders attacked.
The earth benders were angry that the Fire Nation
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 6 4
Adventure (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 19
"Mornin' miss Y/N! The young master is waiting for you, yes he is!"
"Mm," I groan and tuck myself deeper into the covers, my head swimming, "No."
"But miss, the young master requests you. Right away miss!"
My head is pounding, "Mey-Rin please just give me another hour."
"Miss...Is it because of last night?" she whispers for which I am incredibly grateful for.
"Yes. I had a little too much to drink, I'm afraid."
"Then take a bath, miss! I've already drawn one! I'll leave you to it and come back later!"
"Thank you Mey-Rin," I whisper and begin to roll out of bed as she hurriedly left the room.
The room is spinning as I flop onto the floor, slowly crawling across the floor and trying to quell the bile fighting it's way up my throat.
It is then I realise, I'm very naked.
"So we must talk to the families one by one. How shall we do it?"
"Well young master, I believe that we should ask Y/N because the family is full of gossip so she would know the circulation patterns of ea
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Worries Reassured (Desna x Pregnant!Reader)
"Desna, we need to talk."
"About what dear?" he replied in his usual monotone without looking away from the paperwork he was studying.
"About our child."
Desna froze at this, "There is nothing to talk about. You have picked names and the nursery has been set. All the other details have been discussed."
"No, they haven't. Desna you're not involved at all. I know you are naturally emotionally distant but this isn't fair. Even Eska has taken an interest-"
"-because the child will be her heir."
"So? It is your child, Desna! If you don't want this child, or you don't want me, say something because I'll leave then. I will go home to the Earth Kingdom."
The woman stood there and stared at her husband who's shoulders hunched as he sighed.
"I...I do not wish to be like my father."
"My father let his ideas control his motivations. He took away Eska and my decisions in our childhood. We became emotionless to suit his purposes. I was a disappointment because I wasn't as powerful as Eska w
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 8 0
Adventure (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 18
What is she talking about?
Why is she taking so long?
What if she's hurt? Or dead?

"Young master?" asked Sebastian, drawing Ciel out of his thoughts as the scantily-clad server left them, their tea now served in elegant china cups that rested on the small wooden table with a clean burgundy tablecloth over it.
"May I ask what it is you are thinking so heavily about? Is it the young lady Y/N?"
"No, and even if it was, why would it matter? I have known Y/N for a long time. She's intelligent. What could possibly be happening that she can't handle?"
"Young master-"
"Good evening," a young scantily clad Asian woman bowed, "Are either of you the Earl Ciel Phantomhive?"
"Yes, this here is the Earl."
"Ah, please follow me. Master Lau is waiting for you."
Ah, Earl Phantomhive, what a surprise. I was not expecting you."
The butler and master pair sweat dropped at the forgetfulness of the Asian man in front of them.
"Why are you here?"
"The young master and I are here to gain the inf
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 6 0
Serenade (Miguel x Reader)
Oh no.
"Ooh, you hear that? The homeless bard is going to serenade you~" taunted one of the girls sat by the window; another maid in the lord's house we worked in.
"Shut up," I hiss at her and the other gossiping girls, "We have work to do and he is not distracting any of us."
"Who's Tulio?"
"Oh! They're gorgeous!"
"NO!" I screamed, racing to the window to make sure they heard, "STAY RIGHT THERE! I WILL BE STRAIGHT DOWN." Without a word to anyone else, I was downstairs.
Sure enough, they were sat in the courtyard of the Lord's house, a guitar resting on the floor by Miguel's legs as he chatted with Tulio excitedly.
"...and then she'll rush down here with waiting arms, I will serenade her and then as you finish off the song I will give her the flowers and sweep her off of her feet-Tu
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 12 0
Learn To Be Lonely (Mako x Reader)
The two firebenders were sat together in their pyjamas, staring out at the night sky above them. The cold wind ripped past them and off into the distance; unseen.
"'s Republic City now then?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Bolin's off being a mover star, Korra's off doing Avatar stuff and Asami's with her as her fiance. So, how do you feel?"
"Lonely...I'm not used to being on my own. Even after Mum and Dad died I had Bolin and then we had you and then Korra and then Asami and..." he trailed off as he continued his heavy stare into the distance.
"You'll learn," she replied quietly.
"Learn what?" he inquired as she smiled softly and held her gaze with the night sky.
"You'll learn in time that people are not necessities. You will learn to be lonely and to achieve peace with solitude."
"How are you so wise?"
"In another life, I must have been an air bender; swift, graceful, wise and kind."
"Then what must I have been?"
She hummed as she thought before replying simply, "A flying bison."
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Playlist Shuffle (Rick x Reader) Chapter 3
"What is the meaning of life? I ain't even a doctor and I've done nothing to gain me a doctorate. I'm stuck in a dead end job teaching stuck up shits and drinking shitty coffee so I don't pass out, get fired and can't pay my rent."
"Mr Sanchez that's all well and good but please get off my desk," sighed the principal without taking his eyes away from the man laid on his desk as he marked his student's work, "Last period hours ago and you never do your own work, so go home, Rick."
"But I have so m-much-"
"Go home, Rick."
With a string of curses, Rick flounced out of the room, his keys and wallet in his pocket, and headed to the bar half a mile away from his house that he slept in the apartment above it.
A shitty bartending job was the only way he could keep a roof over his head beside his teaching job and continue work on his idea of teleportation. Of course, everyone in the science community thought he was batshit insane and so they didn't support him. Ergo, he couldn't get a doctorate
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 1
Playlist Shuffle (Rick x Reader) Chapter 2
The family were sat at one end of the table, staring at the woman on the other end, watching her like she was an animal in a zoo. The woman was much younger than Rick. Much younger. With beautiful Y/C hair in a rock hairstyle, dark lined eyes and dark lips, a leather jacket, skinny black jeans and a tank top with lace up boots with a heel; Y/N L/N was definitely not the sort of woman who would be a grandmother
"So...Mrs?" Jerry inquired.
Y/N scoffed, "I ain't married, fuck nugget."
"Technically you still are, biatch."
"Suck my clit you car wreck of a fossil."
"Never again you old hag."
"EW! GRANDPA RICK!" Summer shouted but didn't take her eyes off of her phone as she tapped away at her screen.
"Dad, please."
"It's her fault," Rick grumbled, crossing his arms and looking away like an angsty teenager.
"You are such a fucking child," she rolled her eyes when he poked his tongue out.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Beth shouted above the noise of the
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 1
Wish To Be (Desna x Reader)
"Bolin!" Mako shouted after his brother as Bolin dragged his sister away from the ports where they had previously got off of the boat.
"Oh come on Y/N! Let's go train! You are a water bender! Now that Korra's so busy you can join the Fire Ferrets!"
"Bolin, leave her alone."
"Mako, let me bully our little sister just a bit longer! One day, she'll fly and leave the nest and we'll never see her again!" Bolin began to 'sob' into his sister's shoulder as she nuzzled his head with hers.
"Yeah Mako, one day I'll leave the nest and-oh, Bolin! I can't bear to speak of it!" So she collapsed into his arms, causing them to tumble onto the floor in a heap as they loudly 'sobbed'.
"Bolin, leave her alone. We're here for Korra, not for you two to muck about. Get up. It's cold!"
"Of course it's cold," the group froze at the feminine monotone voice, "This is the Northern Water Tribe after all."
"Yes, it's in the North Pole," finished a male voice.
The three siblings turned to face the identical chief t
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 6 2
Adventure (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 17
I simply grasp his hands lightly, forcing him to look at me, "Alois, one day I'll come back. In fact, any invitation you ever send me I will accept immediately."
"Of course."
"Thank you," he hugs me tightly, letting go of my hands, "I love you. Please come back to me someday."
"You can count on it. Goodbye Alois," I step into the carriage and I am off to Phantomhive manor, leaving the Trancy manor behind.
Goodbye Trancy Manor. May your secrets not bleed out from your bricks.
"Are we going to talk about your time at the Trancy manor at all?"
"No," I punctuate my sentence with a sip of tea.
"Y/N please-"
"No," another sip of tea.
"It is my concern as your best friend-"
"I don't care."
"Y/N you are being completely unreasonable here. I just wish to take care of you."
"Ciel there is nothing you can do. Now I must be off," I replied standing up.
"Wait," he stands up himself and follows me out of the room, "You only just got back. You have been here for
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 0


Fem!Eugene by MabyMin Fem!Eugene :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,453 76 Oh Anna... by MabyMin Oh Anna... :iconmabymin:MabyMin 1,901 163
Canada x Reader x England - The Corpse Groom P.1
You sat in your room, nervous. Tomorrow, you were getting married to a guy you had never met. Your parents had arranged for you to marry someone from a family who were desperate for cash ... and your family just happened to be doing really well (business wise) at the time. All you knew about your husband to be was that his name was Matthew Williams. Yeah, seriously ... that was it. The fact that it was dull and grey outside wasn't helping the situation. You wearing your best dress, which was a dull worn out red. You sighed as you looked at your sketchbook. You loved nothing more than art and drawing ... but soon all of your freedom was going to be taken by marriage. You began to wonder what Matthew might look like ... and every time you pondered this, you assumed the worst
"(Name)! Come down, we're going to be late for rehearsal" Your mother called
You sighed. You would be meeting your husband-to-be in a few moments ... your parents and his had planned this silly "rehearsal" just in ca
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 238 157
Together Forever by NoFlutter Together Forever :iconnoflutter:NoFlutter 2,927 167 .Malakia's Corpse Bride. by MalakiaLaGatta .Malakia's Corpse Bride. :iconmalakialagatta:MalakiaLaGatta 236 39
America x Reader: Nursing Home Visit
"Are you sure about this Al?" you asked your boyfriend, extremely nervous.
"Of course I am!" Alfred exclaimed, grinning widely.
You sighed, looking down at your feet as Alfred kept his eyes on the road, driving the two of you to the nursing home. The two of your were stopping by to see his grandma, whom you have never met in your entire life. You and Alfred have been for six months too, and he has yet to introduce you to his grandmother.
You were completely terrified. You were scared his grandma wasn't going to like you, that she was going to yell at you to leave her baby alone. You were scared that she was going to glare at you the whole time, thinking about terrible things that could happen to you.
Hopefully everything would go smoothly and that she would like you.
"How much longer anyway?" you asked Alfred, looking over at him.
He kept his eyes on the road but did answer your question. "We'll be there in a second!" he exclaimed, glancing over at you with a smirk
:iconlovely-faith:Lovely-Faith 309 84
Braces!America x Reader
You walked down the hallway, maneuvering your way past people. You had just gotten out of one of your favorite classes, that being art. Now you were on your way to one of your friends lockers, really, she was your best friend.
"Hey Lili!" you exclaimed, finding your friend in an instance. She looked over in your direction, giving you a small smile.
"Hi ____," she greeted, waving. You smiled, stopping beside her. You watched her for a second as she grabbed the books she needed.
"Can we stop by my locker?" you asked her, gaining her full attention. "I just need my next class is all."
She giggled, nodding. "Sure!" she exclaimed. "Just let me finish up here!"
You nodded, waiting for her to be done. You guys had a while until your next class so you didn't have to rush. Your next class was World History and you all had a big report due today. Lili and you had worked on it together and last night, after a few weeks of working on it, you finally finished it. The two of you were so happy, you b
:iconlovely-faith:Lovely-Faith 691 326
Older Ink by miyumon Older Ink :iconmiyumon:miyumon 629 33 Beauty comes from within by miyumon Beauty comes from within :iconmiyumon:miyumon 742 15 + Squall Leonhart + by SaraFabrizi + Squall Leonhart + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 870 154 Squall Leonhart by Furby0305 Squall Leonhart :iconfurby0305:Furby0305 841 158 Squall Leonhart by JocelynJEG Squall Leonhart :iconjocelynjeg:JocelynJEG 384 70 Squall Leonhart by miyumon Squall Leonhart :iconmiyumon:miyumon 1,725 62
Scar x Lioness Reader (TLK)
Zazu flew over to Mufasa with haste at hearing some rather frightening news. He flew as fast as his wings could carry him to warn the King of the intruder.
"Sire! There's an intruder inside the Pridelands!"
Mufasa turned towards Zazu with a look of fear on his face before it turned to determination and slight anger. He didn't really want to, but if he had to, he'd fight this intruder off.
"Lead the way, Zazu."
With that, the two headed off to find out just who this intruder was. Not far away, a lioness was on the prowl. She stalked the wildebeest, ready to lunge and take one as her prey.
Her (f/c) fur gleamed in the sunlight and was hidden mostly by the grass that sheltered her as she crept closer and closer towards her prey.
Her (e/c) eyes were set upon one wildebeest in particular. As a lone lioness, she needed to focus on one she knew she could take down.
Not only was she a lone hunter, but she was also rather young. She was older than a cub, but not entirely a full grown female jus
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 123 40
Adult!Simba x Lioness!Reader: Part 2 - Escape
“No Scar . . . I am Simba.”
Your face takes an expression much like the one plastered upon Scar’s own. Shock, confusion and disbelief all churned into one emotion.
This can’t be Simba . . . Simba had been killed in the great stampede which had also taken Mufasa!
Clearly having the same thoughts as you Scar, backed up against the wall as the powerful lion slowly stalked his way into the cave.
“S-Simbaaaaa,” He nervously prolonged the ‘a’ to act the innocent party but you could see that Simba wasn’t buying it at all, continuing to stalk his way towards his uncle “my how you’ve grown up . . . and how you’re alive?” His tone went sharp and dangerous, glancing towards the cave entrance where three hyenas, looking terrified, zipped out of sight, something which was both odd and suspicious to you.
“Leave the lioness alone, Scar and then step down from the throne. The rightful King has r
:iconenigmaticotto:EnigmaticOtto 67 10
For Squall Leonhart's Lovers (Chapter 1/2)
For Squall Leonhart's Lovers
Reader x Squall Leonhart
Chapter 1 of 2
“Hey! Can I come in?” you knock on the door of Squall’s room, craning your neck inside to see him lying on his bed.
“Yeah… come in.” He says.
   You walk inside the room, place the tray aside on a small table, and sit on the bed in front of Squall. He rises and sits straight over his bed, resting his back against the bed’s headboard. You reach for his forehead with your hand: “The fever is still there. Does your head hurt?” you ask.
“I’m fine. No need to worry.”
“Here, I made you soup.” You take the bowl into your hand. “Open wide… come on.” You say.
“What are you doing?!”
“Feeding you! What else could it be? You have to eat well so you get better. Open up. Aaaahhh.”
“_______! Knock it off! I’m not a little kid.”
“I know… but you’re sick, and I h
:icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 113 17


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