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Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) Chapter 9
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen

Currently, our two heroes were tied up.
Not in a kinky way, Y/N and Rick Sanchez had been caught cheating an hour ago and they wouldn't even be here if Rick hadn't puked out all of the Tequila onto the casino owner's 'one of a kind' Monet that was actually a cheap replica with peeling paint. This had caused the thugs to beat the shit out of Rick as 'interrogation' and when he didn't say anything more than 'suck my dick you wannabe-nazis', they threw them into a storage room, locked the door and so they were now sat back to back with a rope lazily tied to their wrists, his right to her left. So really, they weren't that tied up as in they couldn't escape without a lot of effort but it was a mild inconvenience for Rick who had previously tried to have a wank at which Y/N had held her arm above her head so he couldn't with the short length of the rope.
Friday nigh
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Survive, Goddamn It (Dan Avidan x Reader) Part 4
"So why did you ask for my name again if I had already told you?" Danny inquired as I rooted through the back of the truck, turning over cans to read the barely faded writing and flicking through the contents of backpacks and boxes alike. When he asks again, I stop in my movements and turn to look at him over my shoulder.
"People tend to lose the lie after fear takes hold. If you had said a different name I would have known you wouldn't be trusted," turning back I continue to take mental stock of the contents.
During my search of the final box, he asks quietly, "What would you have done if I had lied? If I had said the wrong name?"
Faltering, I drop a can of beans back into the box before withdrawing silently from the back of the truck and sliding off completely.
"What would you have done?"
"I could have killed you. I could have left you for dead but it doesn't matter now because it's in the past. Now, come one, we've got shit to do."
After grabbing one of the backpacks, dumping the co
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 5
Survive, Goddamn It (Dan Avidan x Reader) Part 3
"Urgh...My name's Dan. Dan Avidan," he managed to blurt out with his eyes screwed up tight as he flailed underneath me.
"Is that your real name? Your full name?"
"Um," at his hesitation I press the gun into his skin, most likely creating an indent of the barrel into his forehead just above the space between his eyes. A short 'ow' followed by the blurt of a jumbled mess answer, "Leigh! My name's Leigh but I like to be called Dan or Danny."
"Good. You're co-operating. Next question," I eased the gun from his head, keeping it close enough that he could feel the heat of the recently used metal but far enough that it wasn't touching him, before I asked, "Where did you get all of that stuff?"
"What the truck filled with goods?"
Is this guy an idiot? "No, the empty truck. Yes of course the vehicle filled with stuff!" I hissed at him, "Now where did you get it?"
"I-It was a growing collection dude, I swear! I didn't st-steal or anything, the truck I had been renting, before all of this
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 12
Rivals (Kyoya Ootori x Reader) Chapter 1
"The day has come gentlemen...and Haruhi. Today, we host the other host clubs from around the world!" Tamaki announced from his place atop a table.
"Senpai, why are you on a table?"
"It's an announcement and did you not hear me? Other. Host. Clubs. That means other people we can socialise with, learn things from and educate because if I, the Host King, cannot teach these foreign apprentices in the art of subtle desire, what kind of a club have I created?"
"Well boss-" one of the twins began.
"-Judging by what you've done to Haruhi-"
"That's not strictly true, Senpai."
Kyoya rolled his eyes from his place sat at a nearby table, emailing the co-coordinators his reply that stated he knew about the four other host clubs from other continents to be hosted by the school, staying under the care of the Ootori group. The other host clubs from other academies in Asia would be able to go back home or have hotels of their own in the area.
In half an hour, the gates t
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La Morte (Male!Alice x Reader) Chapter 3
"The doctor wants ya for anotha appointmen', Y/N! For the res' of tha evenin'. How lucky are ya!"
How can I say no?
With a nod, I get up off the threadbare couch in the front of the brothel where I had been waiting for a client and turned to hurry up the stairs to wash and change.
Scrambling through the hallways avoiding the groping of random men and the strewn clothing of other girls is a difficulty. The dirty hallway echoes with the sounds of pleasure and false, practised moans from the girls and the occasional slamming of the headboard into the thin walls. Dust flicked up occasionally from the filthy floorboards as I sped up to my room.
Once inside, I barricaded the door by placing a chair under the doorknob to stop anyone getting in.
Assured of my privacy, I slip off the shift-like dress I had been wearing, splash my face with some water in a bowl that I had filled this morning for washing, and dressed in a short sky blue dress with a white collar and a black ribbon at the b
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 6 1
Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) Chapter 8
"Wait, wait, wait!" Jerry cried, "You two went to Vegas?"
"Yeah, Jerry, 'cause some of us have lives. Now shut your retard-whore mouth and let me get on with the fu-uurp-cking story."
"Yeah, Terry because Rick here's panties wad up if he doesn't get his own way," Y/N muttered whilst he fiddled with her time machine on the sofa using parts that she had scavenged from the fridge, microwave and general electrical appliances strewn around the house.
"My name's Jer-"
"Oh that's rich from the card-counting bitch who's anxiety gave away the game!" Rick spat, punctuating his sentence with a sip of beer.
A snort from Y/N caused the tension between the two to increase even further so she retorted, "Really, dickwad? Because as I recall you couldn't handle your drink and you puked over the casino boss!"
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You're Kidding Right? (GOT x Reader) Chapter 8
"Well...fuck. You know, honestly, I have had enough of this bullshit."
I had awoken to the sight of spears being thrust into my face, close enough that despite the freezing snow my back was deeply lodged in, I could feel the biting iciness from the metal. So close to my face that if I struggle or breathe too hard I could cut myself. The people above re heavily wrapped in furs tied clumsily with rope and decorated with various adornments. One wears a string of seashells in various sandy colours on a long rope that lays over their chest. Another wears a string of small bones in various strings of connected rope.
"UP!" A spear swipes the air next to my ear before the staff of wood raps against my skull twice. The throbbing pain of a headache awakens and I can barely hide the grimace of pain before arms reach out and pull me from the depths of my newest resting place and I'm dragged up into a standing position. Soaked, my dress sticks to my skin heavily despite the obvious cold it burns my
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Words Have Power (Jareth!Dean x Reader) Part 11
This is it. The final showdown. I have to get Sam Winchester back home, not just because his parents will murder me but because he's a good kid. He doesn't deserve this. He doesn't deserve to be in this horrible place filled with hellish figures and violent punishments.
Hurriedly I race into the castle, the doors slamming behind me, leaving the friends I have made in this world behind me.
The castle reveals itself to be a labyrinth worse than the one I've just come through. It's like the optical illusion of stairs because there seems to be no sense of logic to it at all. There's stairs made of ancient, crumbling stone and others made of sparkling marble but in the swarm of textures they all appear to be the same.
And there on one set of stairs, upside down and far away from where I am is Sam.
What is this?
How you turn my world
You precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me

"SAMMY!" I scream, as the haunting melody begins to take form from the hypnotic lips of t
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Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 3
For the rest of the night, not much had occurred. However, it was the eye of the storm; the peace before the war. It was a morning that would change everything, would make sure the events were set in stone.
"How did I die?" asked Y/N as she began to dress for the breakfast that morning; fumbling around with the wrinkled pink fabric and corset to fit correctly onto her body.
"Suicide, obviously. Did they not teach you about the truth of reapers in your training?" answered the other reaper rather calmly compared to the struggle he had of tying his tie due to the lacklustre material. Y/N sighed, before pulling William by the shoulders to stand in front of her so she could re-tie his tie. As she focused on the material he continued in answer to her question, "As you know, reapers are punished for committing the sin of taking one's own life by being forced to record and take the lives of others. It is this punishment that will gain the Lord's forgiveness and allow the soul to be free. This
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You're Kidding, Right? (GOT x Reader) Chapter 7
Nope. Nope. Nope. This guy is loco.
"You are not of Targaryen blood and whilst you vex me, you stoke a fire within me that has never burned before. A fire this vibrant will spread if unattended. Say you will be mine and stay here."
I can hardly breathe so I close my eyes to block out the image of the man above me as if he is a nightmare that disappears when I close my eyes. His breath feels like fire as it hits my skin and I know his eyes have that manic gleam to him. This is all wrong. All so wrong and yet I know it's for the best. His focus on me may help me make him into a better person and then I can go home. Maybe I am to guide him to this so-called throne he talks about constantly.
How can I say anything to him except I want him to get the fuck out? I just want him to leave so I can sleep and disappear. Perhaps I will awaken somewhere like with Daenerys and Viserys will remain here. Perhaps I will become truly free once and for all because-
"Daenerys swore
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Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 2
"Who are they, do you know them sir?" inquired Y/N as they sat on the top bunk of the bed on their side of the room together.
"Hardly, they have just had... interactions with Sutcliff," replied 'Suit' huffily before swiping a hand through his hair to smooth the loose hairs, "The taller one is as your training should have shown you."
"A demon? But why would a demon be-"
Rolling his eyes, Suit sighed before answering her question with a question, "Why would a demon be here with his contract? Probably because the young mortal ordered him to."
Nodding Y/N reached up to pull the flower crown made of pink roses from her head and let it drift carelessly from her fingers to the floor. Rolling her shoulders she laid back on the bed and kicked off her shoes with the opposite foot.
Hardly hiding his disdain, William carefully shrugged off his suit jacket and placed it on one of the posts of the bed to hang.
This arrangement wasn't uncomfortable for them, after all, they worked together and had be
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Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 1
Y/N L/N was dead. That much was certain. Ciel had arranged the funeral himself (with the unwanted help of Alois who wouldn't stop sobbing over everything dramatically) and had been the one to go down to the morgue and tell them to dress her in Phantomhive colours. Sure, it was a scandal but her mother was now dead (thanks to Sebastian) so someone had to do it. It should have been Edward or any of the Midford family but the Marchioness did not want the stress for her daughter so none of them had shown up for the funeral... except for Edward.
So it was as if the air had been ripped from Ciel's lungs when he turned to face her. Dressed in a pink dress with pale pink high heels, scantily clad by Victorian standards with eerie emerald eyes that he had only ever seen behind glasses on other beings like her, she looked more alive and at ease than she had in life. He could barely control the urge to reach out and touch her or whisper her name to her.
Sebastian meanwhile could barely control th
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 10 1
Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Prologue
"Wow! Another new wickedly talented performer! I'd better keep my act fresh!" Dagger stated as he stood in front of 'Black' and 'Smile' with a slight grin.
"Another?" inquired Ciel Phantomhive, also know as Smile to the circus performers.
"That's right! Black here is not the only new bright star to join our troop recently," Dagger shifted so one of his arms was free from where they had previously been crossed against his chest, so he could point upwards, "Look, up there!"
Ciel and his butler Sebastian, also known as Black, both turned to look at the mysterious stranger on the tightrope, a look of horror and annoyance falling upon their faces.
"He's a former civil servan' or some'in' and he's very serious," stated Dagger.
Of course he is serious...
"HEY!" Called out Dagger, to the disgust of the due in front of him, "COME ON DOWN HERE, WOULD'YA!"
'Suit' simply continued walking on the tightrope with a deadpan expression on his face despite the bright colours of his costume.
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 14 3
Rivals (Kyoya Ootori x Reader) Prologue
Host clubs. A common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of East Asian countries, less available than hostess clubs. Whereas hostess clubs hire entirely female staff to entertain male customers, host clubs do the opposite. In an attempt to make money, they entertain, flirt and sometimes do solicit themselves for money. It is this business, a step above soliciting, that has begun to spread worldwide.
Ouran Academy. A school for the elite and rich for those who have no need to work except for as a face of a company, a businessman's wife or something that requires little effort except to be born into wealth.
René Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh; aka Tamaki Suoh. The illegitimate son of Yuzuru Suoh; a wealthy businessman and the Chairman of the school board for Ouran Academy.
It is he who is the cause of this morning's (as well as most days) problem.
"WE'RE BROKE?" The host club shouted simultaneously.
"It would appear so. As I was gone for the day yesterday, due to my f
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 16 1
La Morte (Male!Alice x Reader) Chapter Two
Thank the Lord I still can work.
Doctor Bumby, when my appointment time came around, had been very helpful. A leering creeper but I've had worse patrons and Splatter was the worst of them all. He wrote me a letter about my condition and told me to read it to the brothel owner even though she can read, she used to teach two young children. It's nothing bad, there is nothing wrong with me except for the nightmares which are the condition for me to work because everything has a price in this world.
I can solicit myself but I have to return to Bumby for an 'appointment' each fortnight. I will get paid but I have to go to him, behind the madam's back and avoid Jack's questions because he wants me to keep the money to myself.
Exhaling in relief with a large smile on my face, I clutch the paper to my chest and walk out into the midday sun. I've been in the office for hours and I'm walking out with a new client, money, a way to keep working and although my knees and hands hurt he was ki
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 11 0
Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) Chapter 7
"Fuck! FUCK! This has been a waste of fucking time!" screamed Rick as he kicked the mound of rubbish collecting in his apartment. His screams barely phased the woman lounging on his floor and playing around with her vibrator by swapping some of the parts for newer ones that worked and Rick couldn't use. A few times it whirred but it made no major changes so she sighed in defeat and watched the crazed man destroy his life's work.
"At least he left you money," Y/N noted as she kicked the vibrator/time machine to the side, "That's something."
"Yeah money for a fu-uurp-cking bet that he's dead for now. I was fucking looking forward to that bet. NOW IT'S FUCKING WORTHLESS!" He clutched onto his hair and pulled it away from his scalp as he fell to the floor with a final scream of, "FUCK!"
Y/N rolled her eyes and stood up, brushing herself off before squatting down next to Rick.
He looked up at her, snarled and averted his gaze.
The time traveler sighed, put a hand on his shoulder and asked,
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Male!Mal x Queen!Reader Ch. 1
"Let's give Auradon a taste of evil," the voice echoed.
Four people were brewing something, a cauldron filled with apples.
"Wicked ways beneath the skin. Let all who taste it now join in." the boy with purple hair chanted a spell from his book as the the three kids helped him brewing something, two girls dumping apples in the cauldron. The four kids were from the Isle of the Lost. Carol De Vil, daughter of Cruelle De Vil. Jay, daughter of Jafarah. Evielle, son of the Evil King. And Mal, son of the Maleficent. They're the villain kids and they're rotten to the core.
After brewing the apples, the four VKs began giving them to the students of Auradon Prep especially teachers. They even gave apples to King Beast and Queen Belle and Headmaster Fairy Godfather! Everyone who ate those apples caused chaos and havoc in Auradon Prep!
And there were so many ways to be wicked.
However, this never happened. Mal was suddenly startled by the voices, shouting his name. He stared at the people with mir
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 18 3
Want (Tenth Doctor X Master's Daughter!Reader)
Author's Note: Based off the episode of Doctor Who titled "The Last of the Time Lords", which I do not own, and will probably not make sense if you haven't seen it
“No!” The word flew from your mouth and you ran to your father, pressing a hand to the crimson stain spreading across his abdomen.
The Doctor followed not far behind, both of you cradling his body as his breathing slowed.
“Regenerate! Please, regenerate!” You begged, the Doctor pleading with him as well. You knew that your father was a bad man, and you knew that what he did to the Doctor was wrong, but you still didn’t want him to die. He was your father, the only one you’d ever get.
You glanced over at your mother, who was staring at your father with a blank expression.
“Father please, please regenerate.” You pleaded, tears streaming down your face. The Master, as he liked to be called, didn’t answer, just brought a hand up to your face, stroking gently before, with a ga
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 538 202
Notice (Eleventh Doctor X Reader)
You groaned, clutching your stomach painfully. You and the Doctor had just been planning out where to go next, but for some reason your stomach was acting up.
“__y/n__? Are you okay?” The Doctor asked anxiously, rushing over to you and pressing his hand against your forehead.
“I’m fi-“ You cut yourself off, slamming your hand over your mouth and running out of the control room.
The Doctor winced as he heard the door to one of the bathrooms slam shut, then the sound of something hitting the water.
You wiped your mouth on the back of your hand, standing up and flushing the toilet. You washed your hands before you brushed your teeth, ridding yourself of the horrible taste.
You came back out of the bathroom, stomach churning and body clammy.
“I’m going to go sleep.” You muttered tiredly, slumping down the hallway to your room.
The Doctor frowned as you left, he felt helpless and he hated it. How was he supposed to help you?
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 423 106
The Unknown Companion- Doctor x Reader (Chap 1)
(Name) (Surname).
The girl who was always there but never noticed, except by him; her Doctor; her madman who traveled in the blue box. This is where her story begins.
Or rather…
Where your story begins (Name).
A life in London; simple, quiet,
Ever since you had moved to London, you had utterly lost touch with any and all friends you had previous to the move; and they were what had kept you entertained in your simple yet boring day to day life. Now, there was nothing. You had started a job at a department store recently but it was obvious to people that you despised it. The customers were always rude to you and never seemed to listen when you suggested something simple. Three weeks of this went by before you finally thought of quitting to pursue another career, possibly the one of you dreams. That is until a former employee returned.
You had no idea this blonde woman had once worked here; hell, you knew nothing about this store’s past, other than people freakin
:iconroseofshadows853:Roseofshadows853 315 17
Eleventh Doctor x Reader
     Bumping into the Doctor on the street was an accident. Seeing him at a party was a coincidence. Meeting him again before you died at the hands--well, eye stalk of a Dalek was fate. And now you stepped into the TARDIS, not knowing it would change your life forever.
    "Holy shi-" The Doctor quickly put his index finger on your lips. "I try to keep it PG here if you don't mind," he said and let go of your lips and turned away toward the middle of the TARDIS. You rolled your eyes, "How about R?" He Doctor spun around and took one long step back to you, slightly embarrassed by your question. "How about no." The Doctor's finger poked the top of your nose and then he was off again, walking to the middle of his TARDIS.
    The Doctor was already starting to think you would be different. First of all, you didn't run out and try to figure out how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. Instead, you asked if it had WiFi.
    "You're standing in a ti
:iconhewasnumber1:hewasnumber1 355 51
cool Karl by NightMargin cool Karl :iconnightmargin:NightMargin 92 25 As a vampire.. by VikingMera As a vampire.. :iconvikingmera:VikingMera 70 6 Attack on titan by VeggieStudio Attack on titan :iconveggiestudio:VeggieStudio 4,688 181
Mistletoe (Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer

Glistening bulbs of emerald and crimson sparkled about the festive street, decorating the shop windows and street lamps as flakes of white crystals dribbled down to the icy chilled earth below. The midnight sky had almost appeared soft by the snow raining down onto the crisp atmosphere, with the gentle breeze pushing along the wispy clouds that hadn't stood a chance against the brilliant stars. Breath appearing as tufts of misty fog feathered from Levi's dried and chapped lips, and he further buried his numbed hands into the pocket of his coat. Crinkling his nose in attempt to regain feeling into it, he cast a sidelong glance to his right, a flash of amusement shining in his silver-tinted orbs. Your blush-colored tongue stuck out of your rosy lips as you lapped at the snowflakes pattering down, giving your c
:icongreystream:Greystream 259 86
Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad by MadeleineInk Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad :iconmadeleineink:MadeleineInk 7,704 231 Crazy love by sakimichan Crazy love :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,109 1,275 Attack on Titan - Levi by Welterz Attack on Titan - Levi :iconwelterz:Welterz 928 23 Levi Dakimakura by Myme1 Levi Dakimakura :iconmyme1:Myme1 2,624 250
Only Human - Levi x Titan!Reader
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes, the English is bad at the beginning. This was intentional. Now that this has been said, I hope that you enjoy the story!
Also, you read the title correctly. You are a Titan. Not a Titan Shifter. A Titan.
Now, enjoy.
Big trees. Many beast. Want little one eat. Running. I running too. No eat. Want running.
Little one fly. Face change. Beast not. Use hand. Take little one. Eat.
See other little one. Different. I call Little One. Little One has scare point. Little One fly to beast. Beast fall. Little One make I scare. I run. No fall. Hide.
Little One make many beast fall. Little One no fly. No running. Little One face change. No make I scare. Make feel. Bad feel. I no understand.
See other little one fly. Make noise. Other little one make noise. Bad feel. I want running.
❦ ❦ ❦
See Little One again. Make more beast fall. Little one no want beast. Little One make I scare.
I beast. But beast want eat little one. I no want. Beast just runnin
:iconkochandpepsi:kochandpepsi 378 66
Act of Kindness (Killer Croc x Reader)
He knows, to an extent, that you still fear him. And despite careful precautions (limiting and controlling  when and how he touches you, dining separately from you) you still are unable to let yourself trust him completely.
Tonight he notices you shivering as you walk by his side this October evening. Every once in a while you two will go for walks in the better parts of Gotham. His appearance and reputation prevents the two of you from staying away from the sewers for very long, but they are moments you have grown to treasure.
As silent as a creature his size can muster, he removes the great brown trenchcoat he wears to hide his reptilian bulk, and places the coat over your shoulders instead.
You blink in confusion briefly, before turning your head to look at him. He glances toward you, but chooses to remain silent before taking your hand in his claws and dragging you over to the shadows as he leads you back to the sewers.
But as he notices the scent of fear begin to fade from yo
:iconcanidserpent:CanidSerpent 42 4
Purple Lamborghini (Joker x Reader)
     Gotham zipped past you in a flurry of neon colors.  The purple Lamborghini tore through the streets, sending the civilians into a panicked frenzy.  They screamed, terrified of the grape colored monster that threatened to bull past anything and everything in its path.  One man was running around in circles, flapping his arms like some kind of strange bird.  You could tell by his plum colored face and bulging neck muscles that he must sound like one too.
     The Joker simply laughed as he bumped the bass up even louder.
     Everything on the outside of the vehicle was drowned out by an erratic beat that fluctuated between a basic hip-hop sound and a sharp dub-step mix.  The bass pounded against your bones, causing a pleasant vibration.  Your ears ached and there was a stabbing pain at the base of your neck but you couldn't care less.  The scenery around you was like a chaotic painting.
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 42 11


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