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Hi, I write fanfiction and I will do requests eventually, if anyone actually asks.


No journal entries yet.


The ride had ended and it was hell.

Aside from the overall fear of death, the awkwardness was eating me alive.

The cute guy next to me, who is possibly a stoner, is now covered in the contents of my stomach.

“I am really sorry about this. I’m not usually like this. Generally because I don’t go on roller coasters, or lifts or bridges…”

The guy starts walking off.

“Wait. I didn’t get your name.” I jog to catch up to him as he swiftly meanders through the crowd.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter? I need to know your name so I can… apologise for…” I point at his hoodie, “…that…”

He sighs and walks out of the entrance to the park, stopping just outside and taking what looks like a cigarette from his pocket.

“Is that a joint? Or is that a cigarette? Or is that, you know…”

He turns to me, putting the cigarette to his lips and lighting it, inhaling a long drawl before exhaling a cloud of smoke, “No, it’s just a cigarette. Tobacco. Why do you care anyway?”

“Well, judging by the bluish tint around your lips despite your darker skin tone, you;re addicted to Morphine. Also, you’ve probably been snorting it because the tint is around your nose most prominently. So, you’ll be coming with me, okay?”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m supposed to be off hours but drug abuse has increased lately. NYPD, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you. Let’s go.”
Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Why am I here?

Oh yeah, (Y/F/N) is gonna pay off all my rent if I can do this.

Which I can…


I can’t ride a rollercoaster.


“The ride is about to start, please keep your hands and feet in the moving vehicle at all times.”


The guy sat next to me sighs, burrowing himself deeper into his hoodie.

My hands tightly grip the bar in front, becoming paler by the second.

I can’t breathe it’s too hot.

Oh God.

Goosebumps litter my skin

“Hi, excuse me.”

The guy next to me turns his head left, facing me. Holy shit, he’s gorgeous.


“The ride will now start in 10… 9 … 8 …”

Oh he’s staring. What do I do? What do I say? Think, Y/N, think.

“7… 6… 5… 4…”

He sighs, slouching in his seat. I look at him again, he has off coloured skin, kind of blue actually, almost as if…

“Do you take drugs?”

“3… 2″

He turns towards me, “Wha-”

The ride takes off as he’s mid sentence.

Overall, this is a very interesting piece. The lack of rhyme does not hinder the natural flow but improves it. The structural use of paragraphs was a nice touch. The poem is very beautiful with lots of powerful imagery. It's very emotive but the it seems like imagery is the backbone of the poem rather than emotive language, which is great but it might not give the impact you wish to be conveyed with this wonderful piece of imagery. Nice use of punctuation. Great work, I will definitely read more of your work in the future because this is amazing.
"So... How do we get you back home?" Dean said as he carried three brown glass bottles that were opened into the room which I now know is the war room.

"Well, there's few ways that only some have access to. To get to Avalon, a person must either be summoned or from Avalon originally. Unless you wish to use the portals which are the easiest way into Ava- Wait, no. No. No. No. We can't do that. It's too risky. And it's not like I can just waltz right in accused of such a heinous crime. Especially if I'm with you and your brother."

Dean walked forwards, placing the bottles onto the table before sitting directly in front of me. "Y/N, if it gets you home, wouldn't it be easier? Here, have a drink whilst I go get Sammy. If we're making plans, we need him."


"Because all of the stuff you're about to tell us? I won't remember after this whole thing blows over. Now drink up." As he said this, he stood up from the table, whisking a bottle off of the table.

"What exactly is this?"

"Beer.  Alcohol. Why, not too much for your delicateness is it?" He teased.

"No. It is probably like the mead we have at home, imported from other realms." As I said this, he took a swig of his drink and walked out of the room.

The beer is incredibly foul smelling. Its colour is wrong, too dark. But if it is vile, at least I can hope to prove the elder Winchester wrong.

I take a sip.


It's very strong. Oh, the room is swaying.

How long has Sam been standing in the doorway?




My eyes are...
It's too bright. Where am I?

“Glad you’re finally awake.  Thought you were never gonna wake up.”
Which brother is that?

I try to sit up from the bed and…

I can’t.


I look down to see three sets of leather straps across my chest and my legs. I’m also wearing a plaid shirt of yellow, blue and white. It’s very large on me. The shirt reaches almost to my knees. Where’s my dress? Or my…

“Looking for this? Huh, princess?” A gold pendant is dangled over my face.
"You drugged me, why would you..."

“Thought we wouldn’t find out about you? But we did.” That was definitely Sam.

“Well, I’ll tell you everything IF you untie me.”

“Not a chance in Hell princess.”

“Please. You don’t understand. It’s not what it seems. I can’t go home. Not now. Please. Untie me. I’ll talk, I swear.”

“Then talk.” Said Dean, taking the pendant away from my face.
“What do you mean? Our new home. I don’t know you at all. And I would be most grateful if you let go of me.”

He smirked, a hand leaving my waist to run through his hair.

“Well, this will be fun. Let me tell you how we’re so,” he moves his face close to mine, a breath away before whispering, “close.”

He leans back and walks out of the door into a long corridor, I follow after shortly, closing the cell door behind me. He begins to walk forwards, whilst I continue to follow him. We walk in silence, passing more cells decorated with the same metallic red liquid streaked down each door engraved with roman numerals and other symbols that I vaguely recognise but cannot interpret.

How curious.

We approached the end of the hallway, reaching a spiral staircase. The stairs were cogs jammed unevenly into the wall with no banister to attach them together.

Alex sat upon the last step, patting the space on his right. “Sit down, I will tell you how we know each other, dearest.”

“I would rather stand, thank you.”

He shrugged, and moved his hand to his lap and began to fiddle with the cuff of his sleeve. “It was years ago, when I was first taken to Rutledge Asylum. I can’t remember how old I was neither can I can remember how old you were. You were there because of your father. I’d rather spare you the gory details of your past. Most likely you will remember all of this soon enough.”

“Unlikely. I don’t know you and I think you are lying to me, sir.”

He began to laugh, his laugh bitter and dark. He lowered his head, his shoulders quaking as he pushed himself off of the step.

“Dearest, you have no idea what you are talking about because I am the LAST PERSON TO EVER LIE TO YOU.” As he raised his voice he walked closer to me, grabbing me by the arms.

Silence fills the hallway as he lets go.

"Dearest, if you'll follow me upstairs to someplace more comfortable, I can tell you our story. Without interruptions this time please." He turns away from me and walks up the staircase whilst I remain frozen in place and watch as he heads up the long staircase and out through a door, the door slowly closing behind him.

Thank the Lord he has left me down here.

Now I can escape this madman.

For good.
Awakening (Chapter 1)
Commercial Chaos Kick I have returned once more. Hope you enjoy the update because they should be more regular for the next month.
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