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Hi, I write fanfiction and I will do requests eventually, if anyone actually asks.


No journal entries yet.


I have been watching them for hours. Sleep that is.

Crowley owes me a get out of Hell free card for this as well as what he promised.

I mean, how hard can it be to kill the Winchester brothers?

I just had to sneak into Hell, steal a book that belonged to his mother that was written in a language that no one can find on Google translate and hopefully poison them both, keeping them out of the way for good. With death.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my-

“What is it now Crowley,” I hiss into the phone. “This had better be good.”

He groans and I can hear him swallow something. No taste whatsoever. Well, he is a demon. “Witch, don’t try my patience anymore or you will be tortured and-“

“Hung, drawn and quartered in Hell before returning for more torture. I know, you won’t stop saying it.”

He huffs.

“Well, come on. Why did you ring?”

“I rang because I’m sending someone to come help you, a lackey of mine. A minor demon. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I don’t want him here and oh yes… YOU’RE THE BACKSTABBING WITCH WHO-“

Blah blah blah. Stole priceless object. Blah blah blah. Opened portal in Hell. Blah blah blah. Chaos. Blah blah blah. Torture for all eternity. Blah blah blah.

“IF YOU WANT TO KEEP OUR DEAL, YOU’LL KEEP HIM WITH YOU! Now, I have to go and run Hell. It’s not as if the place is going to run itself. Bye.”

Prick. Scottish prick.

“So you’re the witch. Wow, you’re really pretty. Why aren’t you green, aren’t all witches gree-“
I whirl around, grab the boy by the throat and pin him to the ground.

So this is who Crowley doesn’t want around.

Freckles adorn his face like a spread of trees cover the forest floor. His black eyes are on display, rookie mistake, but his dark brown hair laying over one in a bieber-y cut. He’s so young, probably around late teens but not even old enough to get a tattoo.

He blinks. Blinks again. Then he opens his mouth to talk. Maybe he’ll explain what Crowley has sent him for.

“So my name’s Donnie like Donatello and I have been alive for AGES. Anyway, you are super pretty and you have really nice hair. Plus, you smell good and a nice soul. Why do witches have souls? Why aren’t you green? Do you have a broomstick? Can you fly? Are you like Superman? Do you like Superman? What about Batman? Ooh, ooh. Green Lantern. Or the Flash. I like the Flash. Even the TV sho-“ I cover his mouth. Hello, silence my old friend.

“Okay, hello Donatello. My name is Y/N if you have not already been told by your boss. Judging by your shell or suit you grabbed the nearest kid. So you’re not exactly the best guy for the job here so I think it’s best if you just… EW, did you just LICK me? What the Hell is wrong with you?” I let go of his mouth to wipe his saliva off of my hand. Gross. Why.

“So why are you not green?”

Deep breaths.

“Ok, no witches are green. We’re human. Not anything else. Even the Witch of The West wasn’t really green. It was a glamour. A disguise spell. If anything you should be green because you’re named after a mutant ninja turtle.”

He pushes me off of him and stands up, giving me a hand to leverage myself up with.

Holy shit, he’s tall.

“K, witches aren’t green. Neither are meat suits-“ He blinks and his eyes turn into a soft shade of sea green. “-or hunters. So, we’re meant to kill the Winchesters. Right?”

I nod, “Yes, that’s the plan and we’ll kill them with this.” I pull out a tube of poison from between my breasts. “Which we can use on the Winchesters and then leave after leaving some evidence. Your job will be to dress up as a pizza delivery boy, deliver a ‘complimentary pizza’ and leave. The motel owner will be blamed and we get off Scot free.” I replace the vial where it was.

“Now, tell me the plan because otherwise we won’t be able to do it. Go.”

He nods, blinks and then blinks again before speaking, slightly hopping on the spot as he wrings his hands together.


“Oh, ok. Um, we kill somebody. I dress up. We get pizza. Scotland is free?”


“NO OF COURSE Not. Look, you’re dressed up as pizza boy so get some pizza. Shoo, off you go.”
He runs off, staying in the meatusit.

Huh, most demons would of dropped it and smoked out.

So, why didn’t he?

I’ll wait anyway.


“What time do you call this?” He has just returned, a box of pizza held in his hands.

“Uh, dinner time.”

“I’m sorry, the boss wanted me to deliver two more pizzas before I could get a double for the boys here.”

“Wait, CROWLEY wanted you to deliver two pizzas?”

He shakes his head and giggles, “No, my boss at the pizza place-"

“Where you don’t actually work.”

“-Said that I had to deliver two more before I could take this special order.”


“So, you know the plan. Well, no time to run over that. I will put the stuff in the pizza and you can deliver it.”

“What stuff?”

“You know.”

“OH. Riiight, The poison. The poison for the Winchesters. The poison chosen especially to kill the Winchesters. The Winchester's poison.”

I sigh.

“Let’s just do this and get it over with.”
It’s weird to think that it’s almost All Hallows Eve and once again, I’m not haunting people.

Well, it’s not really that weird.

When I left the temple, I thought that was the end of it. No more following the rules of Hecate. I could stop being a witch and move into just a little bit of sorcery.
But, no. Of course not.

That would be too easy, especially for a bitch like me.

Tagged by the King himself.


I never meant to meet him, I had no need but a night of drinks, a little bit of murder, necromancy, possible ritual sacrifice and dancing leads to those boys showing up.

The Winchesters.

What’s worse is that they don’t stop with their bullshit of; ‘saving people, hunting things. The family business.’

I mean, holy shit. What the hell is wrong with these two?

We get it, you’re the good guys. Well done. But seriously, why can’t they just stop.

Not the hunting because we’ve all heard the rumours of what happens when they stop hunting, try to settle down and/or separate.

People get hurt and die. Which is pretty tragic.
Almost as tragic as their taste in fashion.

Seriously, what is up with all that plaid? Where the hell does it come from?

At least demons dress well. That’s a good thing. The ONLY good thing about them really.

But they’re annoying. This tag thing is so annoying. I just want it off my skin but no.

Crowley’s the son of a witch. Of fucking course. So he uses magic to tag people. Fan-fucking-tastic. So, he’s tagged me because I may of made people a get out of hell free card. So what?

It’s just a bit of harmless fun really.

They get out, keep their souls and because they’re greedy, they’ll make another deal which will then lead to them begging me for a card which I will happily give (for a price of course) and thus, the cycle continues.

Crowley doesn’t see it that way. Such a dick.

You’d think the king of demons; the lying, cheating scumbags, would be able to see the bright side in a scam.

Not when it affects him.

Or that pair of wild animals.

Moose and Squirrel.

Very fitting.

Especially now that I’m watching them sleep.

The bigger one, Sam I believe, really does look like a moose.

The Squirrel curls up in comparison.

Too bad that Douchebag McGee himself isn’t here to see this because then I could curse all three of them together.

Oh well, better now than never.

Once I’m rid of them, Crowley will remove the tag and I can go on my merry way, far away from Hecate and far away from this country.

Goodbye Winchesters, hello freedom.
Hello friend. It's been a while. It's been exactly 12 hours and 14 minutes since my arrest and 16 hours, 32 minutes since my lost dosage of morphine. I've been through the usual after effects of not having morphine in my system and I've been down from my high for quite a while so I can't feel any effects. It's strange. Morphine is illegal and yet our society is fabricated on pills, powders and remedies that make people feel the way society wants the to. Where I am now,two cops are on anti-depressants and a detective takes Midol for her period so that she can continue to work despite it being a natural bodily function. Yet, if someone takes any other form of drug that the government can't make money off of by tax or-

The door opens and that woman comes back. Y/N if I remember correctly. She's clever and obviously not from here judging by the accent. She walks forward and sits down in the chair in front of me, the opposite side of the metal table whih blocks the view of the camera mounted in the wall at just above the back of the chair's height.

"So, Mr Alderson, I have heard a lot about you. How you took down Evil Corp and how your court appointed therapist's boyfriend reported a threat from someone matching your description. You've been cautious but cocky. That's why I'm here. I should be reporting everything you've done by recording everything you say but I want to know more about you. So, Mr Aldersn, what do you see?" She tilts her head to the left, hands clasped under chin as she says this.

"Where are you from?"

She squints, "Excuse me?"

I repeat the question.

She removes her hands from under her chins and places them in her lap. "I see you've picked up on my accent. No, I'm not from here, I'm from Y/C (Y/S). Now I want you to answer me. What do you see?"

I don't raise my head to look around. "First, the room itself. It has plain white walls that have many cacks, probably from violent interviews that haven't been patched over. Second, there are three cameras. One behind you that has been blocked by you. One on the cieling next to the light and another mounted in the corner. There are two chairs and a singular thin table so this is an interview room. Thirdly, door has a lock on the outside. Forthly, the floor is grey like cement. Last of all, in the seat opposite me is a good-looking woman dressed in a black pencil skirt with a white blouse and heels. No make-up. No accesories. Hair in a ponytail."

She smirks, "Exactly. There are cameras. These cameras are replaying a loop of you sitting here all alone, doing absolutly nothing for the time we've been in here and a remaining 3 minutes and 42 seconds approximately. Also, the cameras outside this hallway are replaying a video of just that. A hallway. The audio for every camera had to be cut off however. But, what's a girl to do. Anyway, you have two choices. One, you can leave before I do and not tuurn back but you'll have to be quick. Or, you can stay here and if you mention I was here, no one will believe you. They'l think you've gone mad or have gotten your hands on more morphine which will ensure more time in isolation. The choice is yous."

What do I gain if I stay? She could be lying but why risk her job.

I stand up pushing the chair back and I walk towards the door and open it before pulling my hood up. Before the door closes I look back at her. She doesn't turn around as the door closes. I take a step forward.

"Oh, Mr Alderson, before I forget, don't talk to anyone from FSociety if you wish to see me again and thank you for the flattery. Good day."

I can't hear if she moves so I do. I walk briskly down the corridor but I can't help but wonder, will I ever see her again?
Fear of Heights or Fear of Death? 3
Elliot Anderson x Reader
Y/C means your country
If you're from America the option for your state is in brackets.
It’s been days since I’ve told them everything and they’ve moved me down into a dark room, strapped into a chair with a red pattern on the floor.

I should of been honest. I shouldn’t of lied. But I need to get help.

For her.

“Rise and shine, princess.” Dean’s deep voice echoes in the darkness beyond this room.

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Call you what? Princess? Would you prefer bitch who lied to us?”

I sigh, hanging my head.

Light enters the room through the doors sliding open as Dean enters, walking behind me and beginning to unchain my arms from the chair.


“Don’t say anything. You said something about getting into Avalon right?”

“Yes, why? Do you wish to return to your duties?”

“My duties? Hell no. I’m gonna cut all ties to Oberon and you’re gonna help me.”

He couldn’t possibly mean…

“Yeah princess, that thing. See I found it in a big ol’ book about Oz that I got from a friend-”

“Charlie.” He grabs my wrists, clenching them tightly, his gaze searing into me.

“Don’t you ever say her name, ok?”

I nod and watch as he unchains my legs, still keeping one of my wrists within his grasp.

“Dean, please let go. Please. You’re hurting me.”

He chuckled darkly, pulling me into a standing position before dragging me along behind him. “Do I care?”
The ride had ended and it was hell.

Aside from the overall fear of death, the awkwardness was eating me alive.

The cute guy next to me, who is possibly a stoner, is now covered in the contents of my stomach.

“I am really sorry about this. I’m not usually like this. Generally because I don’t go on roller coasters, or lifts or bridges…”

The guy starts walking off.

“Wait. I didn’t get your name.” I jog to catch up to him as he swiftly meanders through the crowd.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter? I need to know your name so I can… apologise for…” I point at his hoodie, “…that…”

He sighs and walks out of the entrance to the park, stopping just outside and taking what looks like a cigarette from his pocket.

“Is that a joint? Or is that a cigarette? Or is that, you know…”

He turns to me, putting the cigarette to his lips and lighting it, inhaling a long drawl before exhaling a cloud of smoke, “No, it’s just a cigarette. Tobacco. Why do you care anyway?”

“Well, judging by the bluish tint around your lips despite your darker skin tone, you;re addicted to Morphine. Also, you’ve probably been snorting it because the tint is around your nose most prominently. So, you’ll be coming with me, okay?”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m supposed to be off hours but drug abuse has increased lately. NYPD, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you. Let’s go.”


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