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Brandy (Peter Quill x Reader)
"I hate this song."
It was the first time that Peter had ever uttered the phrase and it shocked me to my core. I mean, how can he hate a song that his mother picked out for him? But with all of the stuff he went through with Ego... It's no wonder he's not in the greatest condition. Still, it makes me disregard the idea of ordering another drink in favour of watching the slumped form of the man that dances his way through life.
Sat on a creaky bar stool that groans with each over-exaggerated movement (usually every movement) he makes, Peter stares down at the half full drink in the burgundy of his Ravager leathers. Ash fills my nose from the heady scent of the hard liquor. 
At any other time, we would be sat in a completely different bar. Filled to the brim with stupid patrons who Peter would hustle for money before being caught cheating so we have to run back to the Milano and take off with our new collection of misfits; the Guardians of the Galaxy now featuring Man
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Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 5
 Y/N...How did I not ever know?
 After her death...Life continued on, as it tends to do, but it was different. Elizabeth began to visit less often because of the miserable state her brother was in so his parents sent him back to school in order for him to get his mind off of her and to look for other engagement prospective partners although he would look at none of them...
 But it didn't matter now. She was a reaper. Untouchable for him to integrate back into society because all of England had seen weeks of memorial articles in the papers. He could never have her... unless...
"Young master, is something wrong?"
"This isn't because of my leaving you to investigate on your own tonight is it?"
"Of course not. I am not a child."
Sebastian simply quirked his eyebrow but didn't push the issue, allowing his master to begin the oncoming rant he knew would come from years of servitude.
"Besides, you did say soon and you should know that
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Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) 11
"Oh for fuck's sake!"
After a few months of training that should have been put in Rocky training, the two had become solid friends and had been sent on their first mission together for a mysterious and mystical object named the Container Of Time. It had not been seen for thousands of years but it could be, if the resistance's researchers were correct, the end to the Federation.
Of course, the only reason they sent to human scientists was to get them out of the numerous bars and illegal rings that the resistance had. That and the portal device that Rick and refined in the months past to look a little neater.
One early morning, forced into space age spandex, they were sent off to an unknown universe to get the only inconsistency in any universe.
A sock. The two had been sent for a woolen sock.
Rick and Y/N had battled worms made of liquid nitrogen, sacrificed their dignity and even ate a puppy to survive. Okay, they didn't eat a puppy but they did have to eat vile things in order to surv
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Rivals (Kyoya x Reader) Part 2
Less than ten minutes later, the next limousine marked with the flag of Venezuela drove into the school's grounds and parked before the steps. Upon the sight of the still vehicle, Kyoya and Tamaki stood from where they had been sat on the steps whilst Hikaru leant against a marble pillar, watching as the door opened.
Filing out of the car were six uniformed young men, dressed impeccably in the uniform of the military academy they belonged to, a more formal version of the Army's olive green uniform.
Standing to attention, the men saluted before the shortest man, standing on the left of the line, called out, "Sir, shall I check everyone is in attendance?"
A man further down the line, second to the right nodded after looking at the man to his direct left, and translated, "Yes. I will introduce myself and the Divisional General."
They stepped forwards in silence, slowly blocking out the sight of those speaking in fast low tones with their bodies angled away from the school, before introduc
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You're Kidding, Right? (GOT x Reader) Chapter 11
An argument is growing as I nudge myself through a crowd of armored men in the house colors of the Lannisters, with a few Stark flags near the edges. The tension is thick enough that if it were anything but a metaphor, I could probably taste it.
When I emerged from the crowd I was greeted with the sight of Robert stood up; crown-less and possibly more sober than usual. His wife Cersei stood just behind his side and her disgusting son Joffrey next to her. Next to me stood Ned with Arya tucked under his arm and Sansa to her right with her eyes downcast.
"What of the beast that savaged your son?" Cersei spat at her husband with eyes narrowed in malice and her face pointed more than usual as if she had sucked on something particularly sour.
"What's going on?"
Robert swung around to face me before a dopey grin spread across his face as he spread his arms wide in greeting, "Ah Y/N, nice to see you. We can talk in a bit when this is dealt with."
"Well?" Cersei insisted haughtily.
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You're Kidding, Right? (GOT x Reader) Chapter 10
"So, Y/N L/N, you're here once again."
What the...
"I had one of my girls, I believe you've met her before. Jorlyn. She took your cloak from you and I have arranged for someone else to have cleaned your trousers. Apologies for any discomfort but I've had the girls dress you more... appropriately for the climate. Including sorting out your... problem."
Opening my eyes and taking in the man the opposite side of the desk, before I blurt out "Holy shit you're hot dude."
"Excuse me?"
Still slouched in the chair, I shrugged before continuing the nonsense babble, "You're good looking. Not Jensen Ackles good looking like Adonis the god or even Thorin's majesty. To be honest you're kinda Mark Sheppard hot but also-"
Struggling to sit up because of the weight of the packages weighing down my hips and the slippery surface of the dress sliding over the well polished oak wood of the curved chair, I asked, "When did you get a cat?"
The man across from me I recognised f
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Survive, Goddamn It (Dan Avidan x Reader) Part 10
"What?" the horror in his voice was enough to make it known he wouldn't do it. Dan was quiet, his voice just above a whisper.
"People die every day now, that includes kids. If you don't believe that the world is cruel, break the fucking glass and look inside."
His movements are uneasy and slow as he bends down, picks up the fuel can and steps around to the right side of the van. Lifting it above his head with his left hand unsteadily, he places his right hand next to the glass and stills. I can practically hear his heartbeat which is probably mine, throbbing heavily in my chest and turning my stomach.
I've been staring at him for a while when he recoils from the glass and wraps himself around the can. Heavy breathing breaks the endless void that had formed in the absence of sound and I don't know what to say. I pushed him too far but he pushed me as well.
"...Alright, come with me," I mutter and jog over to a well-kept black Volkswagen.
It takes him a while before Dan trudged over.
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 1 4
Quest (Black Butler x Reader) Chapter 4
After her bath, Y/N had left to her own tent dressed in only a towel with her glasses. Crossing the field barefoot in which the circus was, listening to the stampede of feet to the bath the other side of the tents made her exhale softly. For the first time in a while, she missed her job. She missed her co-workers and she even missed her paperwork; the normalcy of it, the routine and the fact that she could easily know what was about to happen.
Pulling her towel off of her to hang onto the end of the bed a few centimeters away from her circus outfit she sighed, swearing she heard footsteps but no one should be around so she ignored it.
The tent opened briefly, the sound of wet skin smacking the ground. A few seconds after, before Y/N could turn around, a body smacked into hers causing them to tumble to the ground.
With a groan the boy that had smacked into her rolled off of her, allowing her to sit up and the young man to gaze at her naked body with a blush the same colour as his compan
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Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) Part 10
"So... Where the fuck are we?" asked Rick, gazing around the metal room, only a fraction bigger than the closet they had been in where Y/N's underwear elastic and his sock were left. Sheets of rusted chrome lay crooked on other sheets of various metals in states of decay. The room was mainly empty behind them, without a door and no sign of escape, although they hadn't checked all of the space around them.
"How should I know? You're the time traveller!"
"Yeah, it's in the fucking name 'time' traveller. Wherever we are, this isn't a time I'm familiar with."
"Now wait just a fuckin'-"
The two humans let out a scream in surprise, equally unmanly and girlish in tone, as they clung onto each other in half hungover fear and panic over their unknown surroundings.
The creature that had greeted them in surprisingly clear English was a medium height blob of jelly-like consistency with a gaping hole for a mouth and small blinking specks of green set deep in the jelly that resembled th
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Loneliness (11th Doctor x Reader)
"So, where do you want to go now?"
"You know I don't care where or when we go," I state, watching as he dances around the TARDIS' main controls, strobes of chrome, cerulean blue and beams of pure light, the glass and metal work allowing him to slide around as he stepped. He was always moving even now when I'm sat still on the thin railing with some skill in balancing so I can sit with a blanket around my shoulders and drink my favourite drink with one hand keeping me secure and a foot wrapped around a bar to make sure I don't slip.
"All of time and space at your command and you don't care?" his head pops around the TARDIS as he asks with wide-eyes, open in disbelief and lack of understanding.
Rolling my eyes I sipped my drink, "It's not that I don't care, I just don't mind where we go. I'm just happy to come along for the ride and if coming along means I get to see this," the blanket wrapped around me almost falls down as I shrug, "Besides, I like where you pick for us to go."
"Yes. Ye
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You're Kidding Right? (GOT x Reader) Chapter 9
Nausea rips me from my heavy slumber and at first, everything feels as normal as it can be despite all of the wrongs in this terrible world without the internet.
After stemming the need to spray my insides onto the ground, at least for the moment, on trembling legs I slowly push myself from the floor into a shaky standing position that allows me to take in the dizzying world around me.
Labyrinthine gnarled tree roots covered the ground with a few cracks of hard freezing stone peeking and canvased the walls, leading into a weaved ceiling. Lengths of leafed branches sprouted into the thick air that was almost suffocating. Save for the minuscule strobes of sunlight peeking through the gaps in the cavern's roof, the frosty darkness that reeks of the outdoors; trees, fresh air and possible decay and what I imagine loneliness must smell like.
Staggering I meander over the uneven floor towards the middle of the space where a cage-like structure is highlighted by the rays of light above it. Cl
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Playlist Shuffle (Rick Sanchez x Reader) Chapter 9
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen

Currently, our two heroes were tied up.
Not in a kinky way, Y/N and Rick Sanchez had been caught cheating an hour ago and they wouldn't even be here if Rick hadn't puked out all of the Tequila onto the casino owner's 'one of a kind' Monet that was actually a cheap replica with peeling paint. This had caused the thugs to beat the shit out of Rick as 'interrogation' and when he didn't say anything more than 'suck my dick you wannabe-nazis', they threw them into a storage room, locked the door and so they were now sat back to back with a rope lazily tied to their wrists, his right to her left. So really, they weren't that tied up as in they couldn't escape without a lot of effort but it was a mild inconvenience for Rick who had previously tried to have a wank at which Y/N had held her arm above her head so he couldn't with the short length of the rope.
Friday nigh
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Survive, Goddamn It (Dan Avidan x Reader) Part 4
"So why did you ask for my name again if I had already told you?" Danny inquired as I rooted through the back of the truck, turning over cans to read the barely faded writing and flicking through the contents of backpacks and boxes alike. When he asks again, I stop in my movements and turn to look at him over my shoulder.
"People tend to lose the lie after fear takes hold. If you had said a different name I would have known you wouldn't be trusted," turning back I continue to take mental stock of the contents.
During my search of the final box, he asks quietly, "What would you have done if I had lied? If I had said the wrong name?"
Faltering, I drop a can of beans back into the box before withdrawing silently from the back of the truck and sliding off completely.
"What would you have done?"
"I could have killed you. I could have left you for dead but it doesn't matter now because it's in the past. Now, come one, we've got shit to do."
After grabbing one of the backpacks, dumping the co
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 5
Survive, Goddamn It (Dan Avidan x Reader) Part 3
"Urgh...My name's Dan. Dan Avidan," he managed to blurt out with his eyes screwed up tight as he flailed underneath me.
"Is that your real name? Your full name?"
"Um," at his hesitation I press the gun into his skin, most likely creating an indent of the barrel into his forehead just above the space between his eyes. A short 'ow' followed by the blurt of a jumbled mess answer, "Leigh! My name's Leigh but I like to be called Dan or Danny."
"Good. You're co-operating. Next question," I eased the gun from his head, keeping it close enough that he could feel the heat of the recently used metal but far enough that it wasn't touching him, before I asked, "Where did you get all of that stuff?"
"What the truck filled with goods?"
Is this guy an idiot? "No, the empty truck. Yes of course the vehicle filled with stuff!" I hissed at him, "Now where did you get it?"
"I-It was a growing collection dude, I swear! I didn't st-steal or anything, the truck I had been renting, before all of this
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 3 12
Rivals (Kyoya Ootori x Reader) Chapter 1
"The day has come gentlemen...and Haruhi. Today, we host the other host clubs from around the world!" Tamaki announced from his place atop a table.
"Senpai, why are you on a table?"
"It's an announcement and did you not hear me? Other. Host. Clubs. That means other people we can socialise with, learn things from and educate because if I, the Host King, cannot teach these foreign apprentices in the art of subtle desire, what kind of a club have I created?"
"Well boss-" one of the twins began.
"-Judging by what you've done to Haruhi-"
"That's not strictly true, Senpai."
Kyoya rolled his eyes from his place sat at a nearby table, emailing the co-coordinators his reply that stated he knew about the four other host clubs from other continents to be hosted by the school, staying under the care of the Ootori group. The other host clubs from other academies in Asia would be able to go back home or have hotels of their own in the area.
In half an hour, the gates t
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La Morte (Male!Alice x Reader) Chapter 3
"The doctor wants ya for anotha appointmen', Y/N! For the res' of tha evenin'. How lucky are ya!"
How can I say no?
With a nod, I get up off the threadbare couch in the front of the brothel where I had been waiting for a client and turned to hurry up the stairs to wash and change.
Scrambling through the hallways avoiding the groping of random men and the strewn clothing of other girls is a difficulty. The dirty hallway echoes with the sounds of pleasure and false, practised moans from the girls and the occasional slamming of the headboard into the thin walls. Dust flicked up occasionally from the filthy floorboards as I sped up to my room.
Once inside, I barricaded the door by placing a chair under the doorknob to stop anyone getting in.
Assured of my privacy, I slip off the shift-like dress I had been wearing, splash my face with some water in a bowl that I had filled this morning for washing, and dressed in a short sky blue dress with a white collar and a black ribbon at the b
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 7 1


GND 291 - The obvious by Pika-la-Cynique GND 291 - The obvious :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 496 152
We've met before HiccupxReader (Request)
“Hiccup, I have to tell you some exciting news!” Stoic said. Hiccup looked up from where he was fiddling with his prosthetic leg.
“Hey dad. What is it?” he asked, setting down his screwdriver. Stoic beamed and stepped to the side, revealing a girl about Hiccup’s age, with (h/c) and (e/c) eyes.
“This is [Name] [Last Name]. Hiccup, your going to be head of the village some day, and so, you need a wife. So [Name] here is going to be your wife!!” Stoic said happily, like he had given Hiccup the best present in the world.
Hiccup on the other hand, looked mortified. He looked between you and his father, not believing this.
“Dad, you can’t do that!” he protested. Stoic looked at him confused.
“Why not? She’s the perfect wife for you!” He said to his son. Hiccup just shook his head.
“Dad, you don’t understand!” Hiccup said, then sighed. “There’s a couple things wrong with this. One, we
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 410 68
Hiccup x Reader - A Year Later
Hiccups POV
"Toothless, fly under!"
With a quick dive my nightfury darted down, catching the falling woman on its back before landing safely next to me on the cliff.
"Good boy Toothless, good job!" I said, petting his head. I ran over to the unconscious woman and frowned. She looked like she was injured. I pulled a large bandage out of my bag and wrapped her leg before hopping on my dragon. I pat Toothless on his head and smiled.
"Let's go! Dad'll probably be a better help to her now. I just want to know where she fell from..." I said, looking around the sky, before flying towards Berk.
3rd person
"Ohhhh, my head..." you moan, sitting up slowly. You open your eyes and look around, instantly panicking when you realize you have no idea where you are.
"Well good morning. How are you feeling?"
You look up to see a very handsome young man standing by the bed you're in. You feel a warmth on your face and smile.
"I-I'm great. Couldn't be better..." You say, watching the man look at your leg.
:iconromanox123:Romanox123 389 76
HiccupxSick! Reader (Request)
“Damn it! I can’t get sick!” you said to yourself as you walked to the market. On the way there, you ended up running into Hiccup and his dragon Toothless.
“Hey [Name]! Fancy meeting you here.” He said to you. You looked at him tiredly and a little bit annoyed.
“Yeah, hey.” you said going on your way. Hiccup was a little disappointed. You were the most anti-social person of your age in the village, and Hiccup had tried time and time again to get to know you, but you never let him in. Yet he still had a crush on you. And secretly, so did you. You just didn’t know how to show it.
“Hey, wait up!” Hiccup called after you and jogged to catch up. Proving a little bit harder than usual ever since he got a prosthetic leg. You felt bad and slowed down. He caught up quickly and fell into step next to you. “So, what are you doing?” he asked.
“Just getting some stuff for dinner. I’m not feeling well, so I&
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 482 82
A Dragon's Thought (Hiccup x Reader)
I don't own How to Train Your Dragon.
Toothless loved his master, or more correctly, his friend so much. Hiccup saved his life, even though he was the reason Toothless lost a bit of his tail. But still, Hiccup was different from other humans and Toothless felt safe and comfortable with him.
That's why Toothless wanted nothing but the best for Hiccup.
Toothless never really liked Astrid. Her first impression was not really good. She was hurting Hiccup! Toothless felt angry anytime he remembered the memory. He took the Viking Girl on an extreme flight so she would apologize to his savior. And when she did, he stopped being hostile towards her.
But when she kissed Hiccup's cheek?
Oh, no, definitely no. Toothless could feel that this couple wouldn't be really good. Sure, Astrid was a great partner in battle and she seemed like she loved Hiccup to bits. But Toothless was having none of it. And when Astrid kissed Hiccup? Gosh, he felt like roaring and wanted to ta
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 260 23
Jealous - Newt (request)
Newt watched the open gate with growing impatience. The sun was sinking lower in the sky and the time for the gates to close was fast approaching. 
Why weren’t they back yet? 
“Newt?” Thomas’s voice dragged his attention away from the gaping hole in the wall. “Everything ok?”
“Perfectly fine.” 
Thomas didn’t look convinced. “She’ll be back soon, don’t worry. She always makes it back.” 
Newt refused to acknowledge the blush trying to spread across his face. 
"Of course she- I mean they will be back in time. I’m not worried." 
Despite his protestations when the runners emerged from within the maze and he saw a familiar brunette jogging along beside them he breathed a sigh of relief.
"Not worried,huh?" Thomas snorted under his breath. "Could’ve fooled me."
Newt simply rolled his eyes and pretended he couldn't hear Thomas and turned to walk over towar
:iconlanikaia:lanikaia 7 8
10 Days of Yandere Challenge!
Hello, my lovelies! In my discord server, BlueGrassHero, ShackledFairy, AngelDemon678, EntirelyBonkers, Mythiica and I are participating in an idea that BlueGrassHero came up with!
October is supposed to be a month full of spooky and creepy things. What better sums that up than 10 days dedicated for writing Yandere fics?? Starting October 22, we will (or at least try to) upload one Yandere fic each day up until October 31. The fics will go in order from soft Yandere all the way to hardcore insane Yandere. 
Sounds cool, huh? Well, it gets even better! Everyone is allowed to join! Yup, we want this to be an event where everyone can take part in and have fun! Cause what's more fun than Yandere characters killing people? Ha...ha...
- All fandoms welcome! Whether it's an anime, tv show, game, etc. all is welcome! No silly restrictions.
- Post one Yandere fic each day during those 10 days. It's more fun if you space i
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 9 29
The Tyrells by SingerofIceandFire The Tyrells :iconsingeroficeandfire:SingerofIceandFire 27 5 Willas Tyrell by Oznerol-1516 Willas Tyrell :iconoznerol-1516:Oznerol-1516 27 11
Monster | Yandere!Ayato Kirishima x Reader
    He was always there for you whenever you needed him. He cared for you when you were sick, he was your designated shoulder to cry on, and he even knew every single one of your secrets that not even your closest of friends knew about. He meant the world to you; you loved him. You only wish you knew more about him.
   It never struck you as odd whenever he’d sneak out of the house in the middle of the night. Other girls would accuse their boyfriends of cheating, but not you. Not him. Trust was something you strongly believed to be the foundation of a relationship and you did trust him with everything you had. That’s why you never questioned where he was going or who he was meeting that late at night. If he wanted to tell you, he would.
    His possessiveness was also something you never questioned. Sometimes, random people would approach you on the street when you were with Ayato caus
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 34 5
Death's Kiss | Kaneki Ken x Reader
    Fighting wasn’t something you were accustomed to. It wasn’t something that you ever thought you’d need to be accustomed to. Being a freshman in college, your life was completely mundane. The only worries that made an appearance in your life were the struggles to maintain your grades and to pay for rent. Never did you think that your life would take an unexpected turn from there. That is until you met Kaneki.
    From the moment you first met him, you were intrigued with him. A strange guy wearing a strange eyepatch working in a strange coffee shop. You couldn’t tell if it was the way he so easily intrigued you or his caring charisma that attracted you to him. Maybe it was even both.
    To your surprise, it was him who struck up the first conversation with you where you found out that you shared many common interests with him. That only made you grow even more
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 51 19
Two is Better Than One | Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru
    “So, Hikaru and Kaoru, what did you guys do last night?” one of the girls sitting next to you asked.
    All of the girls sitting around you stared at the twins, eagerly waiting for a response. You showed a small smile and stayed in your spot as you watched the other girls slowly move closer to the twins, cursing your shyness for getting the best of you once again. Between your lack of words and the amount of girls that request the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru would never notice you. Not that you even had a chance anyway.
    “We watched a scary movie,” Hikaru replied as he leaned back in his chair. “Kaoru was so scared that he wouldn’t let go of me. It was so adorable.”
    Kaoru blushed furiously and turned away, his back facing his brother. “Hikaru! You’re embarrassing me….”
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 131 74
Rose | Tamaki Suoh x Reader
    Day by day, Tamaki couldn’t help but stare at the girl in the garden. Of course, you never noticed him with your nose buried so deeply into your novel. Perhaps you didn’t notice him, but he definitely noticed you. You intrigued him in a sort of way. A piqued interest of his that he just couldn’t ignore.
    He could tell you had never attended the Host Club before. In any other circumstance, he would’ve felt hurt by that. After all, what girl could possibly ignore the charms that the king of the Host Club had to offer. But now? If anything, it just made him grow even more curious about you. It wasn’t often that a girl would pass him up for something else - and certainly not for a book.
    The following day, Tamaki found you in your usual spot on the bench. He couldn’t help but smile as your hand was quick to put a loose strand of your (H/L), (H/C)
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 50 22
Boredom | Jumin Han x Reader
    Saturday was a boring day for you. Due to the lack of plans you had for that day, you decided to accompany Jumin in his office for the day only to soon realize just how boring his job was. It was hard to see just why he liked it so much; the day was just meetings and more paperwork. Nonetheless, he enjoyed it and you were just happy that he was one of the few people who could honestly say they loved their job.
    Reading books helped you pass the time, but even that wasn’t able to sustain you the whole day. As nighttime began to approach and most of the other people were already packing their things to go home, Jumin sat at his desk and flipped through some paperwork while you sat in a comfy leather chair close by to him.
    Placing the book down, you couldn’t help but stare at him. It was fascinating how lost in thought he got when it came to his work. If you didn
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 100 17
Fateful Mistake | Yandere!Jumin Han x Reader
    “Alright, I’ll stay here. I know you will protect me from danger.”

    “Yes… Make it so that I don’t ever escape from you, even if I wanted to.”
    All you ever wanted from the day you met Jumin Han was for him to make you his. You didn’t mind his possessiveness. In fact, you loved it. His obsessiveness and how he controlled everything about you was a major turn on for you, but you were also ignorant.
    Never once did you ever ponder on what would happen if this really wasn’t what you truly wanted. You never cared to think about the decision you were making when you told Jumin to make you his - to make sure he never let you leave. It was so terribly foolish of you to give him the power to make you stay even when you wanted out. It was as if he was the devil and you just willingly handed him
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 40 16
A Yandere's Love | Yandere!Jumin Han x Reader
    Life was full of unexpected things, that was one of the few definite things about it. Years prior, you would’ve never expected that you’d join a secret organization such as the RFA. As much as you liked surprises, you couldn’t help but hope life would stop throwing them at you. Your gut had been telling you for weeks after joining that an even bigger surprise was to come, one that even you wouldn’t enjoy. As per usual, your gut was right.
     Like every other girl, you felt yourself falling for Zen in the beginning. With his undeniable good looks and flirtatious charm, it was hard not to. But it wasn’t just Jaehee who was against that relationship, but her employer as well. Jumin Han, a man who never before shown any interest in you, suddenly was after witnessing all of Zen’s advances on you. Everyone would’ve believed that it was only two men arguing over a girl they both fawned o
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 67 21


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